Salon/13 Artist Feature | Andrew Meredith

Today we have begun hanging the Salon/13 exhibition, here’s a feature on one of the exhibiting artists Andrew Meredith…

How do you feel to be exhibiting in Salon/13? Why is this a good opportunity for you as a photographer?

Even though this is my 2nd inclusion in this exhibition, I am always excited to have my personal work included in Salon. I also exhibited several times in the members shows previously. It always feels like a thumbs-up from the right people that I am making work that is compelling and thought provoking when I find out that i’ve been selected. Its also pretty exciting to see what everyone else is currently working on too. The diversity of Salon is such a huge part of why its such a successful exhibition and subsequently why I always make sure I have a project to show.

Tell me a little bit about the work you are showing in Salon/13. What’s it about?

My current project (Hashima Island) I am showing is a documentative view of an abandoned concrete island off the west coast of Japan. The photographs are all very architectural and explore the way people used to live on this tiny island called Hashima.
It was originally a coal mining settlement set up in the late 1800’s and soon expanded upward to house over 5,500 people crammed into an island the equivalent size of 15 football pitches. When the Mine was closed in the 1970’s the entire population was rehoused in mainland Japan and the island closed down and made illegal for anyone to step foot back on the island. Though the haunting echo’s of life still remain. Televisions, tables, school books, typewriters, desks and many more possessions all remain as people left in a hurry. Hashima currently sits decaying and derelict. The mass of concrete slowly crumbing away.

More generally, how does being a member of Photofusion benefit you?

Being a freeland photographer can sometimes feel quite lonely because of long hours on location at unsociable hours and then editing at a hot computer for weeks on end. Photofusion has always seemed like not only an incredible resource centre for educating, printing, scanning and exhibitioning but also that sense of community and hive of creative energy to bounce around in that i sometimes crave.

© Andrew Meredith, Swimming Pool, Hashima Island, Japan