Salon/13 Artist Feature | CJ Everard

We are now in the final stages of hanging the Salon/13 exhibition, so let’s take a look at another of the exhibiting artists, CJ Everard…

How do you feel to be exhibiting in Salon/13? Why is this a good opportunity for you as a photographer?

I am evolving my photographic practice, defining my visual language, continually researching to broaden the practice. An important part of this evolution is entering competitions; this allows me to better understand the perception of my work, especially by people who have a greater knowledge of art/photography, the creative process than me. Additionally it allows me to experience the work of my peers, also their thoughts about their work and mine.Photofusion has been an invaluable partner to me during this process, the team and the resources, so submitting to Salon/13 is an integral part of this relationship.

Tell me a little bit about the work you are showing in Salon/13. What’s it about?

The series started at a point where I was becoming more conscious of the evolution of my aesthetic, also the emerging sub plots to my aesthetic. It has evolved though into a deeply explorative and autobiographical project – it appears from comments of some people who have viewed some of the images also explorative for them, allowing them to reach into their own ideas, emotions and imagination. This relationship is another key to the importance of this series.

© CJ Everard, Untitled (Norfolk 3), 2013