Photofusion SELECT/14 announcement

Four exhibitors from the current Photofusion Salon/13show have been selected to exhibit their full body of work in the upcoming Select/14 exhibition. These artists will each be awarded a bursary of £500 alongside mentoring from Photofusion staff towards developing and exhibiting new, unseen work in the annual Select exhibition taking place later this year.

The selected members include London-based photographer Chloe Borkett, with her project ‘Stories East of the River’ which explores teenagers growing up in the little known country of Transdneister; German photographer Jochen Klein, with his series of constructed model refugee boats titled ‘Flux’; University of Westminster graduate Katarina Mudronova, exhibiting her still-live project on domestic objects titled ‘Strategic Cooking’; and finally Photofusion Futures tutor and Photo-Forum organiser Travis Hodges with his new portrait series ‘Quantified Self’, which explores those who use data tracking apps and devices.

Chloe Borkett

Chloe Borkett graduated from the University of Wales with a degree in documentary photography in 2011. Her work deals with social issues concerning minority groups, the young, as well as exploring alternative cultures. The project Chloe will be exhibiting in Select/14 takes us on an intimate journey into the lives of the new generation growing up in the unrecognised country of Transdneister, the disputed sovereignty of Moldova in Eastern Europe. Titled ‘Stories East of the River’, this is a captivatingly intimate body of work dealing with both wider political and economic issues whilst at the same time addressing stories of fragility, isolation, and a desire for something else.

© Chloe Borkett, Luca, 2011, from the series ‘Stories East of the River

Jochen Klein

Jochen Klein studied at the Akademie für Photographie (APH) in Hamburg before moving to the UK and completing an MA in photography at the London College of Communication in 2007. Jochen works mainly in the studio, with materials that are at hand creating objects and sceneries to then be photographed. His series ‘Flux’ consists of photographs of model boats, based on image search results for ‘Refugee Boats’. The camera acts as an accurate, reproductive machine in this process, recording these transformation processes, producing an image in flux between illusion and disillusion – a quality so inherent in the photographic medium.

© Jochen Klein, Untitled 7, from the series ‘Flux’, 2012-13

Katarina Mudronova

Katarina Mudronova is a London based artist, originally from Slovakia. Her work focuses on issues of identity and cross-culture, on states of belonging and of being “in-between”. Katarina will be exhibiting her project ‘Strategic Cooking’, a series of still lives of domestic objects taking on new and unexpected meanings. Katarina uses the subject of food and its preparation to create a dialogue about changes to the fabric of everyday life through these vibrantly coloured constructed images.

© Katarina Mudronova, Untitled #5, from the series ‘Strategic Cooking’

Travis Hodges

And finally long-standing Photofusion Member and ‘Photofusion Futures’ teacher, Travis Hodges, with his new portrait series ‘Quantified Self’, which documents self tracking, a hobby explored, often obsessively, by researchers and technology junkies. Today, it is rapidly evolving into a mainstream trend as people are able to use smartphones to record an expanding range of data and make use of its analysis.

© Travis Hodges, Shoulder press – 82,884 kg over 3 years, from the series ‘Quantified Self’