SELECT/14 Photographer interview: Travis Hodges

Travis Hodges is one of our four exhibitors from the current Photofusion SELECT/14 show. These artists were each awarded a bursary of £500 alongside mentoring from Photofusion staff towards developing and exhibiting new, unseen work. We caught up with each photographer to learn more about the work they produced for SELECT/14 and how they put their bursary to use.


Travis Hodges

The Quantified Self

© Travis Hodges, Shoulder press – 82,884 kg over 3 years, from the series ‘Quantified Self’

We caught up with Travis to hear more about how he produced this work…


What was it that got you interested in people who use self-tracking devices? Do you self-track anything in your life?

I am interested in exploring how technology is impacting peoples lives, it’s effect on how we live and the on wider society.

My previous project about Twitter ‘Follow Me’ looked at how technology is changing how we communicate and ‘The Quantified Self’ continues this thread by looking at how people use self tracking to improve or understand their lives.

I am not self tracking anything but was intrigued to find out how people have used tracking to improve their lives and to discover its potential impact on all of our lives in the future.

The project covers 3 areas, firstly the technology that people use to record, monitor and make sense of the data. Secondly, how the information can and is being used to benefit people. And thirdly (and possibly most interestingly) the lives of those who choose to record the data, their efforts and motivations for doing so.


How did you use the bursary in the production/development of your work?

The project was still in the research phase when I was selected for the exhibition so the bursary helped greatly in the production of the work itself. One of the most useful things was to have a deadline! Knowing that the work had to be on the wall by a set date was great motivation to push the project forwards, it’s not often that a personal project has such a fixed deadline and I’ve not had such a short one since I finished university.

Working with Photofusion also gave me access to people I could bounce ideas off and get feedback from, this is incredibly useful when you are working on a personal project and need fresh eyes on the work as it develops.


You can still see Travis’s work in SELECT/14 until 15th August 2014. Also join us for a gallery talk by the exhibiting artists to hear more about their projects and to ask any questions…

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