Introduction to studio lighting course | Review

My name is David Fogel, I am 25 years old and I am currently interning in London while studying photography in France. Last month I took part in Photofusion’s Introduction to Studio Lighting course. This is my review of the day.

The course took place in Photofusion’s fully equipped photography studio above Brixton market. The studio is very large and adaptable – we could easily block the daylight to work without inconvenience.

Our tutor for the day was Paul Ellis, who teaches many of the courses at Photofusion and is a very experienced photographer and lighting expert. Throughout the day he taught us a variety of lighting set-ups using a wide variety of light-shapers – from beauty dishes to fresnal spots – to create different scenes.

Photography lighting course review

As we went along setting up a variety of scenes with Lucy, our model for the day, we were able to view our work on a laptop and informally discuss our progress amongst the small and friendly group of six participants. With such a small group of very interested and variously skilled participants, the day was very social and a great opportunity to get to know other photographers.

Paul was an excellent instructor asking many questions and teaching us to be more critical in our appraisal. At the end of the session he gave us course notes and later emailed all the images we had taken during the course (see below). I would highly recommend this course to any photographer who is interested in taking their first steps into studio lighting and learning the difference between making – not taking – pictures.

studio lighting course

David Fogel