A Sunny 16 day

A recent summer Saturday was a Sunny 16 day – a glorious day to teach some location lighting (Sunny 16 = 100iso, 1/125, F16).

Our group spent a large part of that Saturday up on Photofusion’s roof in the heart of a very vibrant Brixton. On such a bright and sunny day the main thing to learn was how to under-expose the sky to make a really saturated blue. This isn’t too difficult to achieve but when your F-stop is 2.8 you end up with a shutter speed of around 1/4000.

This poses a real problem for flash synchronisation as ‘normally’ a DSLR camera cannot ‘sync’ with flash at shutter speeds beyond 1/200. So to ‘sync’ at 1/4000 we did it in two ways. We used Pocket Wizards wireless triggers with Hyper-sync on an Elinchrom Quadra battery pack and High Speed Sync with some Canon flashguns (they do the same but they do it differently – Hypersync uses some clever timing and HSS pulses the flash to simulate a continuous light source).

Regardless of which you use they both open up new possibilities for flash users and are indispensable on Sunny 16 days.

Photofusion runs regular Studio and Location Lighting courses with in-house expert Paul Ellis www.photofusion.org/photography-courses