As an extension of each show, we invite selected artists to be featured in the Pod. The Pod is a thinking space, that allows for the narratives of our current shows to be expanded.

1500 Days of Gentrification

This is a selection of work from the project ‘1500 Days of Gentrification’ by artist Ellie Laycock. It bears witness to the rapid pace of development, or ‘hyper-gentrification’ occurring in London, with a specific focus on her home town of Brixton.

Pairs of images, taken in the same location but 1500 days apart, show the speed and scale of the extreme redevelopment occurring here. Ellie Laycock is an artist and long term Brixton resident whose work focuses on place, time and the impact of environment on community.

Loughborough Park Estate, Brixton (2015)
Loughborough Park Estate, Brixton (1500 Days Later)
Coldharbour Lane, Brixton (2015)
Coldharbour Lane, Brixton (1500 Days Later)
Brixton Arches (AC Deli, 2015)
Brixton Arches (AC Deli, 1500 Days Later)
Save Brixton Arches (2015)
Save Brixton Arches (1500 Days Later)