Today we are looking at the work of .. Giuseppe Moccia

As the days get shorter, and we pull out our winter coats from hibernation, here in the Photofusion office we have been looking at the work of Giuseppe Moccia, and his project A Third Landscape?: A series of beautifully tragic photographs of abandoned ski resorts.

The Alps form both a natural and a cultural landscape, place of a diversity which is not only biological but also cultural. Back in the 60’s and 70’s, a widespread wealth along with the exploits of a group of italian athletes, known as the “Italian Landslide”, set the basis for an economic development model which revealed it’s unsustainability.

Ski-oriented tourism was introduced as the unique solution to the depopulation and impoverishment process that took place around the alps. This model led to the construction of hundreds of facilities, many of which, for various reasons, are nowadays abandoned.’

© Giuseppe Moccia. The intermediate stop of the former cableway “Fai della Paganella

Dosso Larici” near Andalo (TN). Built in 1930 was abandoned in 1955 due to a land-slide.

© Giuseppe Moccia. .

The former night club of the Hotel Tremalzo ski resort, near Tiarno di Sopra (TN). Located in the valley of Tremalzo which had five ski-lifts, this site, denominated “SIC” by European Commission, is threatened by a new development project. Which include a new spa resort of 60.000 cbm and two huge parking lots

© Giuseppe Moccia

The prototype of the, never accomplished touristic village “Pineland”. Designed in 1964 by world class architect Marcello D’Olivo, this touristic village was based on the philosophy of organic architecture which promoted harmony between human habitation and the natural world.

© Giuseppe Moccia

A view of the Matterhorn from the top of the Furggen ropeways, built in 1952 by Carlo Mollino, abandoned in 1993.

© Giuseppe Moccia

The ski slope of “Dossdecembri” in Pejo (TN), 2010. It is located on the eastern side of Mount Vioz within the boundaries of the “Stelvio” National Park.

© Giuseppe Moccia

A pylon af the former ropeway Testa Grigia 1 in Cervinia-Breuil. In Italy during the early 70’s a growing enthusiasm towards the exploits of the national ski team during the Olympics and the World Championship, along with a general spread of wealth, led to the assumption that ski tourism was to be the solution to the depopulation process. Due to global warming, large-scale abuse and bankruptcy the Northern regions of Italy alone are home to 186 stopped skiing facilities, 4000 abandoned pylons and millions of cubic meters of concrete.