Top Tips: How to organise your own group show

It is around about now or in the next couple of months that many Art students will have to start organising their own degree show group exhibition. Whether it is at your own university, or in an independently hired gallery, here are a few Top Tips to get you heading in the right direction…

1. Find the right venue

Location is key. You may have your exhibition in the most amazing gallery, but if people cannot get to it easily, it will have all been for nothing. The whole point of these group exhibitions is to get your work out there.

  • When considering locations take into account other exhibitions and festivals that may be happening nearby at the same time, as you will be aiming to attract a similar audience.
  • Also ring around a few galleries to compare prices. Take note of what benefits they are offering included in the price.

2. Advertising your show

  • Build a website. It does not have to be anything too complicated, you can buy a domain name and use Content Management Systems with user-friendly templates, such as Indexhibit and Cargocollective etc.
  • Make yourself a Facebook/Twitter page/blog. Social media tools are one of the most effective and completely free advertising tools out there.
  • Get some leaflets printed to be distributed and posted to newspapers and magazines. Try and strike a deal with a local printing company, in return for having their logo on all your advertising material.
  • Approach local events magazines, radio stations for advertising – again ask them to be sponsors to reduce costs.
  • Make an E-Invite to email to press contacts – it is again free, and looks professional.

3. Hanging the show

  • See if you can get one of your tutors to write a piece of text for the exhibition. This can also be used in your promotion material.
  • Try and get a technician included when hiring a gallery. If not, see if your university technicians can spare some time to help you hang your work.
  • Plan your gallery layout before the day of the hang. If you are only exhibiting for one or two weeks, you will want to get the work up as quickly as possibly, so be prepared before you get there.

4. The Private View

  • Try to approach local vendors for alcohol sponsorship. If you manage to get free drinks, then this will be a massive advantage to draw in the crowds for your private view.

5. During the show

  • Make sure you always have at least a couple of you invigilating the show at one time. You want people there who know about the work, and can answer any questions that the viewers might have.
  • Make sure that you have all the exhibitor’s contact details available, whether this is just typed up or each artist has their own business cards. Many of these shows lead to commissions or jobs, so it would be stupid to miss out on such rare opportunities.

About Photofusion

At the Photofusion Gallery we offer a couple of hire slots a year. It is a great space for group shows, with 27m of wall space, and set in the heart of Brixton Market. Located close to a fantastic and diverse range of eateries, the Photofusion Gallery has become an important stop on London’s photography trail. Plus, it is only a 3 minute walk from Brixton underground and overground stations.

Inclusive in our Gallery Hire package is:

  • Use of the gallery space for two weeks
  • Technical advice on hanging and presentation
  • Professional lighting
  • Discounts on our in-house printing and mounting services
  • One evening Private View
  • Invigilation
  • Use of HD screen if required
  • Exhibition listing on our website, and through our social media outlets
  • Wireless Internet connection

For further information and to get a price quote, please contact:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7738 5774

Photofusion Gallery: AMPS/12

Photofusion Gallery: AMPS/12