TREEWORKS Photography Exhibition at Silverprint Gallery

Silverprint Gallery’s latest exhibition features a selection of works from Tim Rudman‘s long-running project ‘Treeworks’. The theme embraces the characters of trees and their environments and explores how changing seasons, weather conditions and times of day and night can alter a tree’s appearance causing the same tree to look majestic and statuesque or vulnerable and damaged.

The Nest

© Tim Rudman

The prints are all traditionally wet-processed Black and White silver gelatin prints and silver gelatin Lith prints, hand crafted in the darkroom to the highest archival standards and toned with combinations of sepia, selenium and gold toners for increased archival protection and for aesthetic purposes.

Silver Birches

© Tim Rudman

Tim Rudman began his involvement in photography in 1960 while studying medicine in London. He taught himself how to print in the darkroom and developed a distinctive style of black and white printing that gained him early recognition and publication. After many years of pursuing both medicine and photography together, he now devotes his time to photography. He is most widely known for his pioneering work in the process of Lith printing and often credited as the leading authority and practitioner in the process main contributer to its current popularity as a photographic art form around the world.

Tim is both a regular writer and lecturer and has conducted workshops in Britain, Ireland, Spain, Australia, Canada and America. His four critically acclaimed books on photographic printing and toning techniques are widely used in teaching establishments, and his work has been published throughout various countries and is held in many permanent and private collections. His work photographs have been exhibited in over 50 countries around the world and earned him many top international awards.

First Light

© Tim Rudman

TREEWORKS runs until 10 May 2014, but is closed to the public on 10 May. Silverprint Gallery is located at 120 London Road, London SE1 6LF and open Mon-Fri from 9:30-5:30 and Saturday from 10:00-4:00.