Up and coming Photography Workshops & Seminars

When your not in educating it can be hard to push your work in new directions or help improve your business as a photographer. A good way for this is by attending workshops, talks and seminars. London is a great place to be living for helping you push your work and business. Thriving with free events and also paid ones which can be a good way to help improve your work, if your are working it can be hard to attend even short courses, so make the most of living in London and finding out what’s going on near you. Below is a list of evening and day events for up and coming workshops, talks and seminars a great way to find some new inspiration!

The Photographers Gallery: Look Again hosted by Anthony Luvera

The talk invites an intimate group of participants to look intensively at a single photograph they are unfamiliar with and read it out-loud together. This looking group is focused on slowing down the way in which we as viewers look at images, bringing into question the difference between looking and seeing.
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The Move From Emerging To Professional Photographer, Considerations And Practice with Zoe Whishaw

Zoe Whishaw is a commercial Photography Consultant and Mentor providing creative direction and strategic advice for Photographers who want to take their work to the next level. The seminar explores what it takes to make the move from emerging to professional photographer running your own business. Zoe will be exploring what it takes to attract potential clients to use your services and the essential characteristics and personality traits that you need if you are to be successful. She will also be discussing how important it is for photographers to develop a consistent, coherent personal style that demonstrates a passion and talent in the area of photography you choose to work in.
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The Photobook: A History Martin Parr, Gerry Badger and Hannah Watson in conversation with Simon Baker

For the launch of The Photobook: A History III, Tate Modern are hosting a talk with Martin Parr and co author of the book Gerry Badger. The talk will be in conversation with Hannah Watson and Simon Baker who will be looking at the use of publishing for photographers and how it is a great tool for your work to be seen by a wide vast audience.

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The Photographer’s Dining Club Present:Art Photography Special- Ideas for maximising your reach and audience

Addressing the demands and pressures on art photographers today, three prominent speakers will explore and discuss the new platforms open to photographers today and ways of engaging with a wide and diverse audience for maximum reach.The evening will be the perfect opportunity for photographers to discuss, question and evaluate their working practice within the remit of the changing face of photography and building links within a social audience.

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background image featured © Chris Brock at: The Photographers Dining Club