Urban Encounters 2014: Movements/Mobilities/Migrations

Do not miss the Urban Encounters Symposium on 24 and 25 October at Tate Britain featuring key speakers including Paul Halliday, Xavier Ribas, David Kendall and Nadav Kander.

This year’s Urban Encounters symposium looks at the visual manifestations and effects of movement, mobility and migration on the historic and contemporary city. Over two days, an international line up of artists, academics, and researchers reflect on the nature of flow and flux through and between city spaces with a variety of topics including economic mobility, labour movements, borders, and the migration of things and people.

© Paul Halliday, from the Series Close to Nowhere (forthcoming)

The series of panels focuses on the experiences of people and communities, built and architectural environments, urban landscapes, performativity and how material cultures reflect the possibilities and challenges that redefine how we understand the changing faces of everyday urban life. The workshops, seminars and walks provide a more intimate context through which to directly explore and discuss the ideas and themes of the symposium.
This symposium is of particular interest to photographers, artists, film-makers, architects, sociologists, geographers and social researchers whose work addresses notions of social change and the decent ring of urban life within an age of expanding globalisation and changing geographic boundaries.

Full list of panticipants include Bradley Garrett, Paul Halliday, Jennifer Bajorek, Paul Goodwin, Adam Kaasa, Xavier Ribas, Lia Chavez, David Kendall, Charlotte Cullinan and Jeanine Richards, Anne Zeitz, Adel Tincelin, Lorenzo Bernini, Ben Gidley, Tom Morton, Caroline Knowles, as well as a keynote address on Friday by internationally renowned photographer, artist and director Nadav Kander.

Urban Encounters is part of Urban Photo Fest and is organised in partnership with the Centre for Urban and Community Research (CUCR), Goldsmiths, University of London; Kingston University, Oxford University and Open Vizor.

Dates of the symposium:
Friday 24 October 2014, 10.30 – 16.30
Saturday 25 October 2014, 10.30 – 18.00

To book your tickets visit: www.tate.org.uk/urban-encounters-2014