Useful Suppliers & Distributors

Richard Wills, as many of you know, is head of our Digital Department. Not only does he manage all of our digital printing and mounting services, make sure all of the workstations in the Digital Suite and Education Room are fully calibrated and running happily, he also teaches some of the more technical courses at Photofusion including Introduction to Lightroom 4, Getting Colour Right and Shooting RAW.

As you might guess, Richard has an encyclopaedic of knowledge of all thing photography related. As such, Richard has kindly put together a list of useful suppliers that offer high quality services with top notch customer care.

  • First choice – Fixation – probably the finest facility for the professional photographer looking for repairs, in London as well as professional kit for hire.
  • John Kent at Luminary Lighting, unique fixer of the deadly strobe kits, and master manipulator of the equally heavy weight Foba and Cambo stands.
  • Silver print: They’ve just moved house, and though I’ve not been there recently, just about The Best Place for all things analogue, and now it seems, digital.
  • Teamwork: Another independent supplier, with staff who completely understand where photographers are coming from. High end kit and great service (I remember Lawrence walking down from Foley Street to New Oxford Street with a couple of auto-poles slung over his shoulder, so we could complete a new studio and start shooting). When the lottery win comes in, I know where I’m going.
  • Paul Ellis – The Digital Plumber: Not related to our Paul Ellis, who is also a walking encyclopaedia of everything lens based, but the mac based expert, who for a small fee is likely to get you out of your digital jail. As a member of the AOP, he comes from the same place as photographers do, and he has visited many of them on his technological journeys. You do have to pay a moderate fee for his advice, but from what I’ve heard, worth every penny.
  • Bodoni Systems: Friendly experts in all things professional scanner and colour related – where our Imacon goes for its annual holiday.
  • Total Imaging: Once we’d decided on our canon 8300 printer, canon uk put me in contact with Scott Partridge over at total imaging. Everything you could hope for in a sales rep, and so much more. As with all things mechanical and digital, service is needed, and Scott has been there for us whenever we needed him. And some very impressive foot ware.
  • Neil Barstow: Supplier of Eizo screens, GTI lights, Basiccolor software (those are things I have got from him) and many more niceties. Neil is a colour consultant worthy of the title.
  • Photolease: I want it all, I want it now… Great people to work with, when you have a demonstrable plan.
  • Down the road from the British Museum is Aperture, on Museum Street. A delicious blend of Leica, Nikon, Blad, coffee and noodles, all within throwing distance of the British museum. Run by people who know absolutely everything about the kit they are selling, stocked with toys briefly owned by dentists (and other such appreciators of expensive, quality technological things).
  • Calumet in Drummond Street – a dangerous place, in all the finest ways, with a pretty impressive stock list, both to buy, and to hire.

What all the above have in common is that they are real, physical, expert professionals. Undoubtedly you can find many of their products or services cheaper on the interwebs, but when you are making an investment in materials, equipment, time or reputation, dealing with organisations or individuals who actually know and care about what they are doing, is worth the extra few percent that you may pay.

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