In the digital printing bureau this week…

This week in the digital bureau we have been printing the work of Mo Greig, Vikram Kushwah and Robin Little.

Mo Greig’s prints are from her project titled “We’re Already Here”, which documents the stories of Romanian immigrants living in Britain, as well as of Brits who moved out to live in Romania.

Digital printing

© Mo Greig

Mo Greig talks about the project:

It seemed that every time I picked up a newspaper or listened to a news broadcast I was confronted with immigration being a valid reason for the UK to leave the EU and that when the EU labour restrictions were lifted on 1 January 2014 thousands of Romanians would pack their bags and pour across the UK border. The day came and went and the threatened influx never happened.

Being told that “immigration” was a reason to be seriously concerned was easy to dismiss as just political posturing, until I met a couple of Romanians. They were upset by the vilification of them personally and their country. It also dawned on me that the media made no mention of the millions of British who reside outside the UK in the EU.

digital printing

© Mo Greig

This motivated me to find the human story behind the media frenzy and political rhetoric. Over the ensuing months I travelled to Romania and around the UK to talk to Romanians already living in the UK and to explore life in Romania through the eyes of the British living there. I wanted to discover for myself the reality of the situation, and to allow them to tell their stories.

My intention with this work is to take the viewer with me on my journey, meeting some of the people who shared their experiences, drawing their own conclusions rather than any media imposed attitude.


Vikram Kushwah is a frequent visitor to our digital printing bureau, working as a professional fashion and commercial photographer alongside producing personal projects, such as what we have been printing this week, from the series titled ‘Memoirs of Lost Time’.

Photofusion digital printing

© Vikram Kushwah

Inspired by the romantic notions of childhood memories and the almost dreamlike nature they possess, Memoirs of Lost Time, a project conceived by writer, researcher and fashion designer Trisha Sakhlecha and photographer Vikram Kushwah takes you on an enthralling photographic and literary expedition. A biographical documentation of sorts, of seven creative personalities’ childhood recollections, this book captures not only what was, but also suggests a very imaginative take on what could have been.

Photofusion digital printing

© Vikram Kushwah

Stories evocative of the intimate moments and bygone days of these personalities are embellished with wondrously staged pictures featuring the subjects themselves. Each chapter takes you into the personal and never seen before world of one of these personalities with a short story, an insightful interview and photographs, weaving in and out of reality, where you start beginning to drift into a realm of imaginative possibilities and yet remain attached to the facts that were.

Wonder, like curiosity, can make seemingly impossible things happen; it’s time for wishful thinking to have its due.


Robin Little has been photographing musicians for about 20 years, first for Redferns Music Picture Library and now for Getty Images who bought Redferns out in 2008. Richard Wills at the Photofusion Digital Bureau has been printing and mounting Robin’s work in preparation for an exhibition at Stratford Circus, a venue in Stratford, East London.

Photofusion digital printing

© Robin Little

Robin says of the exhibition: “It will consist of collection of my digital music images from the last few years together with some out of the older, film archive. If you are interested in the kind of things I do, search ‘Robin Little Redferns Getty Images’ and plenty of music images pop up, linking to the Getty website and the publications where they have appeared.

I have also collected together a number of my favourite non-music images none of which has been published anywhere. This has been fascinating if a bit scary as I enter new photographic territory. However, I have had a positive reaction so far to the prints of this new material.

The exhibition will be on the two levels of the foyer at Stratford Circus, which is on Theatre Square, Stratford, E15 1BX. This is not far from Stratford station, near the Theatre Royal, Stratford Picture House and Pizza Express. The show starts on April 13th and runs until the end of May.”

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