Digital Printing


We use the Canon ipf8400 for the majority of our exhibition and portfolio printing. Featuring Canon’s 12 colour Lucia EX pigment ink set, the ipf8400 creates stunning prints on a range of media, from resin coated papers, to high quality fine art papers, including cotton rag and alpha cellulose baryta materials

Each media we print to has been individually colour profiled, so we, and you can accurately predict how prints will look. This is the perfect solution for your large format and fine art exhibition quality prints and at extremely low prices.

Our digital printing materials are split into two price bands – photopapers and art papers. Our photopapers – Harman CrystalJet are of exhibition quality; the art papers just add a little more.

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Prices (inc. VAT)

Size Photo Paper Art Paper Laminate

A3 (297×420) £20.00 £27.00 £7.00
12×16 (305×406) £20.00 £27.00 £7.00
16×20 (406×508) £25.00 £35.00 £9.0
A2 (420×594) £31.00 £42.00 £11.00
20×24 (508×609) £33.00 £48.00 £11.00
20×30 (508×762) £40.00 £54.00 £14.00
24×30 (609×762) £47.00 £63.00 £16.00
A1 (594×841) £55.00 £77.00 £18.00
24×36 (609×914) £57.00 £80.00 £19.00
30×40 (762×1016) £68.00 £94.00 £22.00
A0 (841×1189) £73.00 £102.00 £31.00
36×48 (918×1219) £77.00 £106.00 £34.00
40×50 (1016×1252) £85.00 £110.00 £38.00
40×60 (1016×1524) £97.00 £136.00 £50.00
Test Strip £12.00 £12.00 £12.00

Photo Papers

These are our standard exhibition materials, selected to provide a variety of print surfaces for exhibition and portfolio work.

  • Harman CrystalJet Gloss / Lustre
    Resin coated 260gsm papers from the same firm that makes Ilford Multigrade papers, with a surface to match. Clean and bright images, with excellent highlight, shadow and neutral tone detail.
  • Epson Enhanced Matt
    A 200gsm dead matt paper that works well when mounted.

Art Papers

These are our more luxurious materials – selected to provide photographers and artists with a range of beautifully production options, each with their own unique characteristics, from subtle base tints, via gentle textures, to extreme gloss surfaces.

  • Epson Canvas
    Satin water-resistant canvas- fine detail, rich deep, saturated tones. Forget preconceptions of canvas this is a beautiful material. Please note that we currently do not stretch canvases, so this is very much for the artist, or for clients who are looking to get the end result (stretched, and) framed.
  • Hahnemuhle Photorag 305
    The standard fine art printing paper – a dead matt, almost velvety surface to a 100% cotton rag paper. A great material from one of the leading manufacturers of fine art paper.
  • Hahnemuhle Photorag 308
    Similar in tone to the 305, but with slightly more tooth (fine texture)
  • Harman by Hahnemuhle Gloss Baryta, AKA Harman Gloss FB Al 320gsm
    An air dried gloss baryta paper from the Cheshire company who make Ilford Multigrade and FP4 (but can’t call themselves Ilford in a digital context) digital). A beautiful fibre based paper that even smells like a darkroom print. The subtle gloss surface reveals separations in tone in an almost unrivalled way, with clean bright highlights and extremely dense blacks. The nearest thing to a bromide print, but available in colour.
  • Innova Fiba Print Ultrasmooth Gloss 285gsm
    Another baryta paper, with a subtly more texture than the Harman FB. Clean bright whites and rich colours – an incredibly sharp paper. One of the few alpha cellulose baryta papers that can be mounted flush, with no border. Works beautifully with aluminium and DiBond mounting.
  • Canson Rag Photographique 210gsm
    A 210gsm OBA free paper with a completely smooth, dead matt, warmtone base. Works very well for images being mounted to Kapa.
  • Canson Edition Etching Rag 310gsm
    Slightly textured dead matt cotton rag paper, with amazing neutratlity
    Canson Platine Rag 310gsm – a cotton rag paper with a subtle sheen and an amazing tonal range. Dense blacks, vibrant colours and an ability to hold the finest highlight tones.
  • Canson High Gloss Premium RC 315gsm
    Our heaviest resin coated paper, with a fantastic dynamic range. Base white is slightly warmer than the Harman CrystalJet materials and the added weight of the paper base helps to reenforce the feeling of a premium material.


A protective film applied to the surface of the print – the laminate is also used for creative effect to enhance the appearance of prints displayed without glass and to add a protective surface to the print. We offer three laminate finishes:

  • Matt
    A dead matt surface that completely removes reflections. Very useful for displaying prints in areas without controlled lighting.
  • Satin Matt
    A satin finish, with slightly richer tones and blacks than the dead matt finish. Our most used laminate, particularly popular on the CrystalJet gloss, for images mounted onto Forex PVC, or DiBond.
  • Ultragloss
    Polyester laminate for a Cibachrome like finish. Best used with ultrasmooth mounting options – DiBond and Aluminium.